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Tuesday Digital offers political and nonprofit clients of all sizes access to impactful advertising and intelligence services. Tuesday Digital draws from decades of combined experience in commercial advertising agencies, political campaign work, and research and analytics. We build and execute custom plans built from tried and true tools and techniques that have been proven to produce results at any scale. 

Tuesday Digital can assist your political campaign or nonprofit with:

If you’re unsure of what you need, Tuesday Digital can help. Please reach out to start a conversation.

Company History

Tuesday Digital was established in January 2020 and quickly worked to establish a niche specializing in advertising and digital operations for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. The founders of Tuesday Digital recognized the need for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations to embrace digital advertising and a data-focused approach as part of their strategy for success. Much of the advertising landscape, especially at the local level, for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations was dominated by disparate television and radio stations, mailers, and phone solicitation. Tuesday Digital set out to prove that digital had a place within this mix, not to fully replace it, and soon the results became apparent.

Starting in our first year and beyond, Tuesday Digital has proved to be a pivotal force during times of uncertainty. Tuesday Digital has worked with numerous candidates in challenging primary and general election races that have ultimately changed the fabric of the political landscape locally in Rochester and throughout New York State. Tuesday Digital’s efforts have produced significant victories and unseated longtime incumbents in several local and state-level races.

“The company, Tuesday Digital, specializes in digital advertising and campaign management and only launched in January. The initial client list included Meeks and Clark, Assemblyman Harry Bronson, Senate candidate Jeremy Cooney and County Court judicial candidate Meredith Vacca. All won.” – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, July 8, 2020

“…Tuesday Digital political consulting firm which has seen considerable success with seemingly underdog candidates.” – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 28, 2021

Tuesday Digital has continued to grow and maintains not only a significant local footprint but has also developed capabilities to scale multi-state and national-level campaigns. Please contact Tuesday Digital to learn more and work with us to achieve your goals.

Gerrit Mora

Gerrit Mora, Owner & Founder

Gerrit Mora is an expert in paid media and advertising, with extensive experience in both the private sector and agency settings.

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