Political & Nonprofit Advertising Services

Tuesday Digital excels in digital advertising and creative development, catering to political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. We skillfully blend commercial advertising techniques with astute political strategy and in-depth knowledge of digital ad platforms. This fusion enables us to devise customized, effective advertising plans tailored to the unique needs of each campaign or organization we partner with.

Social Media Advertising

Tuesday Digital specializes in social media advertising for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. We set ourselves apart by uniquely combining commercial digital advertising expertise with winning political campaign strategies. 

Social media advertising for political campaigns is a strategy that involves using social media platforms to reach and engage voters. It allows for targeted messaging, where campaigns can tailor their communication to specific groups based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. This method is highly effective due to the vast reach of social media and its ability to foster direct interaction with potential voters. Campaigns can use various formats like videos, images, or text posts, and can also leverage social media for fundraising and volunteer recruitment. The interactive nature of these platforms also enables real-time feedback and engagement tracking, providing valuable insights for campaign strategy adjustment.

  • Tuesday Digital are professionally certified Meta and Snapchat Ads specialists
  • Leverage Tuesday direct partnerships with major advertising platforms to ensure your campaigns are running without any issues
  • Custom-built advertising plans based on your budget and goals

Connected TV (CTV/OTT) Advertising

Tuesday Digital has developed processes for Connected TV (CTV/OTT) streaming advertisements that ensure your ads are reaching voters and human users. Tuesday Digital’s approach to CTV/OTT advertising stands out from what is being offered by traditional agencies and linear TV companies as we focus on addressable users at scale rather than outdated audience IDs and disparate platforms. 

On average, Tuesday Digital sees 150%+ greater reach among verified human users than what is offered by legacy providers relying on outdated technologies. Have you ever seen a streaming advertisement too many times? Tuesday Digital has solved this problem and drives the conversation regarding scale on this channel. Achieve significantly lower costs and greater reach on TV screens with Tuesday Digital. 

  • CTV/OTT ads at scale with fewer frequency issues
  • See your ads on YouTube TV, Hulu, and all other streaming services with the reach you are looking for
  • Accurate forecasting available

Research & Competitor Intelligence

Tuesday Digital invests heavily in tools that allow ourselves and our clients to have the best possible information at hand at all times. It is critical to ensure that situational awareness is established in all scenarios so that campaigns and organizations may adapt to any issue that may arise. Tuesday Digital consults to learn about exact needs to build custom solutions that generally include: 

  • Social and web listening capabilities: learn who is saying what, and why. Never be surprised when you’re mentioned again.
  • Social graph development for individuals and organizations
  • Email and private group intelligence
  • Domain surveillance


Tuesday Digital maintains capabilities to help individuals and organizations understand and eliminate unwanted data from surfacing online or within other spaces. 

Custom Audience Development

Tuesday Digital offers clients several options for audience targeting and custom list building for advertising or campaign outreach purposes. Our premium data providers allow Tuesday Digital to develop robust targeting capabilities that include voter, consumer, and behavioral data. Your success is dependent now more than ever on the quality of data being utilized.

Creative Development - Videos, Ads, Websites

Tuesday Digital has built a network of vetted creative professionals to produce the best possible content for your campaign. We produce:

  • Campaign videos
  • Photoshoots and headshots
  • Custom graphics for social media and newsletters
  • Websites


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